Physical appearance is a very important social aspect that enables our peers to form certain perspectives about us. According to sociologists, the first impression formed towards an individual is often lasting. Yet, this impression is usually developed mainly around how we look physically. While most of the physical attributes are drawn from natural features, a significant aspect of it depends on the dressing and modifiable things that we do to our bodies.

Most people are of the opinion that your physical appearance is more often than not the most important determinant of how we interact with our peers and other people in our social environment. For instance, the way you are groomed and the way you will dress will more likely determine whether you land a job during an interview or not.


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Most societies today have certain unwritten rules on the minimum grooming expectations. For instance, what is considered to be indecent varies across the different societies. This is to say that what may be indecent in one society may turn out to be very fashionable in a different society. Based on this, it is increasingly important that you always be on the lookout concerning the social context as well as the social perspectives of the community in which you live. It is important to observe that while a change of time requires a change in dressing and grooming trends, most of the core aspects have often remained constant over time. For example, the art of looking attractive that people adhered to a decade ago are still the same that people look up to today.

This is to mean that, you need to always be on the watch concerning some of the basic principles regarding the art of looking good. You do not require specific physical attributes to look good. The trick lies in how you choose to highlight certain features in your body to achieve the social appeal that you need. It follows that the expectations for males and females are different for obvious reasons.


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It is common for girls always to have constant doubts about their experience. This is a totally normal feeling since every individual has the basic social expectations regarding how they look. However, you ought to be careful not to be too anxious about your appearance. Your skin consistency and your hair are the core aspects that make you stand out from your peers in the society. According to most appearance consultants, the two aspects are most likely to inspire a lasting impression on people about you. It is important that you keep in mind that the art of looking good begins by observing a high level of hygiene. The attractiveness of your skin depends almost entirely on your hygiene. Your skin requires gentle and constant care. You ought to be careful on the kind of soaps that you use on this part of the body. Certain soaps are known to cause adverse reactions to your skin. This means that it will be appropriate to use mild soap. Constant washing and conditioning of the skin with natural cold water go a long way into maintaining the beauty and elegance of your skin.


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Choosing to enhance your appearance with makeup can possibly radiate confidence regarding your looks. Makeup enhances the physical attributes that eventually make you look attractive. However, you ought to be very careful not to overdo this aspect.


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Looking pretty heavily depends on the kind of dressing that you select. While tiring moments can tempt you to be casual about your dressing, it is important that you take your art of dressing seriously. Choosing the appropriate dressing will likely take a very negligible percentage of your schedule, yet it has the potential of influencing both your social and career life. The right type of clothes will likely enhance your confidence as well as make you feel comfortable. Setting up a schedule for dressing is an important strategy that will enable you to save your time before stepping out of your house every morning. Sometimes, planning your potential dressing for the next day every evening assists you to save the time required to make a decision regarding your dressing for the subsequent day.


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Most people consider good appearance and good physical traits to be a feminine affair. This misconception has been around for some time. It is necessary to draw a line between make up vs. no make-up. It is crucial that you understand that the physical appearance that you present with becomes an important aspect regarding the perspectives that people form towards you in your social environment. Generally, good hygiene practices and the relevant selection of your dressing determines how good you will look.


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Taking regular baths while paying special attention to your face determines your skin tone. The constant hydration of your skin will give it an exceptional handsome look. Your hair growth is an inseparable component of your appearance. This is to mean that, your hair and beard ought to always be trimmed to achieve the perfect look depending on your face morphology. Trimming your beard every morning or every alternate day will make you look responsible while at the same time enhancing your grooming.


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While choosing to use make up remains mainly a female undertaking, certain subtle facial practices will make huge differences in your appearance. For instance, while it is not common practice to trim your eyebrows, choosing to trim them can give you a sharp look that you require. This aspect of grooming depends highly on both the hair distribution of the eyebrows as well as your facial attributes.

Certain practices such as facial scrubbing also make your skin to glow. The scrubbing eliminates dead skin from your body and thereby gives you an exceptional look that you require. This has also been shown to reduce the aging of the skin making you look young always.

Selecting an appropriate hairstyle gives you the gentleman look that we all aspire to have. Your stylist ought to be aware of your physical features and the expected occasions while making your hair.


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Technology has revolutionized how we carry on with our daily routines. Fashion has been no exception. Many mobile and desktop applications have been developed to assist you in your bid to stand out. Certain fashion applications are a must have if you aspire to look exceptional. For instance, the stylect application provides subscribers with important insights concerning current fashion trends. The hunt is a next application that provides you with the basic principles that you ought to observe while striving to make yourself look good. Others in the same category include the Lyst; ShopStyle; and the Pose apps.