With the increase in the prevalence of non-communicable diseases in the contemporary setting, most scholars have consistently shifted their focus to the practices that work to reduce the incidences of such diseases. Conditions such as obesity and its associated spectrum of disorders have increasingly been linked to fatal health conditions such as ischemic heart disease and strokes. Living a sedentary lifestyle is considered to be the major precipitant for such health issues. For this reason, it is prudent that you always be on the lookout on the practices that will likely keep you away from such conditions.


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Researchers have often demonstrated that keeping fit keeps at bay more than 80 percent of the lifestyle diseases. Based on this, keeping fit seems to be the best shot in your aspiration to live a long and uneventful lifestyle. While most individuals are usually stranded on how to start their fitness journey, they often fail to realize that starting a fitness program is as easy as clicking a button on your phone. The best part is that you can exercise at home. With the increase in the incidence of obesity, certain applications have been designed to provide you with the basic guidelines that will enable you to keep fit at no extra cost. Smartphones are designed to provide the users with user-friendly applications that span numerous fields. This means that most of the applications are customized to specifically cater to the audience that uses them.


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Most contemporary mobile health applications have been developed in such a way that they capture all our activities in daily routines. The importance of such applications is drawn from their insistence on the use of locally available resources for the purpose of augmenting muscle building. It is important to observe that fitness facilities are often not available to everyone. For this reason, innovative individuals have come up with ways in which you can improvise the locally available resources for the purpose of keeping fit. Numerous mobile and computer applications have recently been developed to address the concept of fitness. This is to mean that you ought to be specific on your selection while choosing a fitness app due to the various dynamics involved.

The following is a list of applications that can come handy in your attempts to keep fit.

  • The Runtastic fitness application;
  • Google fit;
  • Nike training club;
  • JEFIT traker;
  • Calorie counter.


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The Runtastic fitness App


The Runtatstic fitness application remains arguably the best fitness application among its peers. It doubles up as an effective calorie tracker for you. This application probably draws its edge from the fact that it focuses on daily physical activity as the most important entity in fitness. This is achieved through various modalities that work to capture your daily physical activities. This is then summed up in formulae that calculates your daily calorie loss that you have undertaken for the day. Unlike other applications, the Runtastic application provides you with comprehensive details regarding your workout program. Most of the data is often objectively analyzed and presented in form of graphs and tables to enable you to understand it. This will enable you to keep track on your progress as well as provide you with red flags concerning the things that you need to address in your journey to keep fit. Importantly, the voice coach that accompanies this application remains perhaps the most important informative aspect that enables you to augment your daily physical activity. However, the ads that come with the free version of the software are likely to be less appealing to any user.


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The Nike training App


The Nike training application remains an important application in the field of physical fitness. While this application shares numerous important aspects with the Runtastic app, the Nike application edges out the former due to the lack of unnecessary applications on its panel. Further, this application offers you over 150 work out plans that are meant to boost and augment your muscle building and endurance.

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The Runkeeper App


The Runkeeper application is yet another application that will likely provide you with important insights regarding the important principles on keeping fit as an important workout tracker. Unlike other common applications in its category, the Runkeeper application is GPS, able to track your daily activities. This module also enables you to compare your workout activity and fitness among others who are using this application. The difference between this application and others is that it will provide you with the opportunity to perform different workouts such as cycling, jogging and normal physical workouts on one platform.


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The JEFIT trainer App


The JEFIT trainer is an application that is designed for you to exercise on the gymnasium. It is considered to be among the best ios apps. The JEFIT app provides you with a virtual gym specialist that is meant to track your progress as well as advice you on the areas that you need to work on. This application has been equipped with more than 1000 modules to guide your fitness. Importantly, the applications come complete with animations and fitness trackers that keep you on your toes in the attempt to be fit.

In conclusion, fitness is a concept that requires both dedication and hard work. On top of this, it is important to observe that such programs come at a high cost due to the kinds of resources that are involved. Numerous health applications have been designed to be both user-friendly and affordable to the user. The applications have proved to be an important resource for people that are looking to enhance their fitness without necessarily incurring the costs that accompany fitness training.