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Aadhunik Bharat Ke Paanch Bauddha Acharya

Booklet: Aadhunik Bharat Ke Paanch Bauddha Acharya
Author: Aangane Lal
Pub: Prabuddha Prakashan, Lucknow,
Year: 2004, Rs. 35/-only, pgs. 66

In the biographical description of five Buddhist scholars of modern India, emphasis has been laid on their contribution to learning and teaching of Buddhism in the country. Dharmanand Kosambi was the first to start teaching of Pali language in the University. The corpus of knowledge on Buddhism was collected and prepared by Rahul Sanskrityan remains unsurpassed. Anand Kausalyayon prepared a dictionary of Pali languages, and by writing in simple language he popularized Buddhist philosophy among common man. Jagdish Kassap prepared a dictionary of Pali words and established Nav Nalanda Mahavihar, a leaning institution on the ruins of Nalanda. Dharma Racchit established a degree college at Sranath for study of Buddhism and prepared syllabus for Buddhist studies. Thus, contributions of five Buddhist scholars are commendable.


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