" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."


BOOKLET: CHAMCHA YUG (The Era of the Stooges)
Writer: Kanshi Ram
Translator : Ram Gopal Azad
Publisher : Samta Prakashan
First Edition : 1998
Pages : 127
Price : Rs. 25

This booklet is an scholaristic exploration of negative role played by dalit surrogates of Gandhi in India. When India was struggling for freedom , dalits were demanding self-respect from which they remained deprived through the ages. It was British regime, when Dalit became conscious of their pitiable social position. Their resentment resulted in resolution by the Congress to eradicate the factors responsible for Dalit backwardness. Consequently, dalits got separate electorate by communal award, 1932. But Gandhi’s fast-unto-death compelled Ambedkar to withdraw and accept Poona-pact. In addition to this, Brahmanical forces emasculated Dalit’s movement to negate the boundaries of caste by creating different layers of counterfeiters, who diluted the intensity of agitation to emancipate the Dalits.A parallel set of Harijan elites emerged , who capitalized on the property of Gandhi and betrayed other members of their community. Today, dalits need to understand all such manipulations in History. Also, they should go deeper into the amphitheatre of history to unravel the conspirational activities of such characters who, in connivance with Brahminical forces ,demolished the Mauryan empire.


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