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Ravidas Panthee Vivah

Booklet: Ravidas Panthee Vivah
Author: Suresh Master
Pub: Sahnti Chandra Prakashan, Lucknow
Second Edition: 1993 (first edition: 1990); price: Rs. 10/- ; pgs. 54

Conversion to another religion is like changing one’s father. One who has changed his views and opinions need not change his religion. Many Dalits who embraced Buddhism or Islam felt deceived. Every religion has multiple themes in the form of sects. The path of Ravidas is a path of unity, equality, freedom, justice, and labour and hence, the followers of Ravidas should design their identity by suffixing the title of ‘Raghuvanshi’ at the last word of their name. so that the followers of Ravidas do not deviate. A system of rituals has been devised for entering into the sect, solemnizing marriages and celebrating festivals or various occasions guided by events in the life of Saint Ravidas. A mention has also been made of various places that are pilgrim centres for the followers of the sect so that they can feel proud of processing a tradition like members of other religious communities.


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