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Sacchee Ramayan Ki Chabhee

Booklet: Sacchee Ramayan Ki Chabhee
Author: Lalayee Singh Yadav
Pub: Ashok Pustkalaya, Kanpur,
First Edition- 1971; price-Rs. 25/-, pgs.

The characters in Ramayana, believed to be divine incarnations depict a very different picture if evaluated in the light of books written by other authors on the same theme. Ayodhya was a small Aryan state in north India and Ram was its prince. He was a debauch having physical relations with innumerable woman and perpetrator of horrendous acts. Laxman wanted to have Sita as his co-wife but she had liking for Ravana. Four sons of Dashrath and Sita, daughter of Janak, were in fact born from extra-marital relations of their wives, with others concealed euphemistically under the name of yajna. Vibhisan married Mandodri, a widow. Hannuman also had libidinal revelries for Sita. That Ravana had physical relations with Sita is self-revelatory from the birth of her two sons, not allowed by Ram at his palace. Ramcharitramanas by Tulsidas is an emblazonment of these ugly characters of Brahmanism through concealment of facts.


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