" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Hindutva Me Hinsa

Booklet: Hindutva Me Hinsa
Author: Dr. Ramnath
Pub: Akshay Prakashan, Kanpur
First edition: 2003; pgs. 72; Price- Rs. 25/-

Hinduism bristles with violence both, covertly and overtly; the former in its scriptures and latter in its acts. Non-violence of Gandhiji, so adulated and adorned, is chicaneries to justify violence. Even scriptures and gods in Hinduism are capricious and casteists. Vedic sacrifices, hailed Muslims, victims of hatred and violence, were originally invited by Hindus to help in retention of their seats of power. Then they were declared treacherous. Country was divided and Babri Mosque was demolished. Even females in their families have been victims of their violent designs. System of early marriage is their invention. Widows in Mathura and Virindavan come from the caste of their heroes. During riots in Gujrat in 2002, even pregnant ladies and unborn children were massacred in a fascist way, so admired by Golvalkar. Had Virappan not been a Dravadian, he would have been admired and sheltered. Cross-border terrorism is euphemism to hide within border terrorism committed daily on Dalits and minorities. Thus, violence is both, end and origin in Hinduism.


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