" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Harijan Se dalit

Booklet: Harijan Se dalit
Author: Rajkishore
Pub: Vaanee Prakashan, New Delhi
Edition: Fourth- 2000; First- 1995
Price: Rs. 50/-
Pgs.: 173

The book, a collection of fourteen articles written in different forms is a reflection on the history of Dalit. Attempts to attack caste has failed to deliver desired results on account of it being further strengthened, foiling effects of modernity; so a class approach should be adopted for their progress inclusive of all categories among Dalits, only administrative mechanisms are insufficient. Political leaders among Dalits should refrain from uttering venomous slogans, as its net outcome is deepening of attritional relationship. As villages populate, majority of Dalits, their development and modernization alone can uplift them substantially. A new social awakening is another need. The term ‘Harijans’ and ‘Dalits’ depict categories of love and struggle respectively, the former includes all castes and the latter invokes racist connotations. A new voice for Dalit liberation, as it was among Bhakti saints, is the need of the hour and also new charismatic leader like Gandhi and Ambedkar.


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