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Congress aur Gandhi ne Achuton ke liye kya kiya

Booklet: Congress aur Gandhi ne Achuton ke liye kya kiya
(What Congress and Gandhi have done to Untouchables)
Author: B.R.Ambedkar (translated in Hindi by Sri Vardhan)
Publisher: Bahujan Kalyan Prakashan, Lucknow ,UP
Sixth Edition: 2003
Price: Rs.35/-
Pages: 212

Both Congress Party and Gandhi’s intentions towards untouchables were enigmatic. Gandhi continued to shift his stand on the social position of dalits on behalf of the congress. Sometimes he supported untouchable’s entry into temples while other times he was diplomatically silent. His strategy depended on the nature of situations. In fact if there were no untouchables, the labour force of upper castes would be exponentially reduced. Gandhi knew it, and so he wavered in his decisions. Only those temples were opened for dalits that were lying deserted. In Gandhi’s province Gujarat, not a single temple was opened for dalit entry. Gandhi founded Harijan Sevak Sangth which was a tool to popularize him among untouchables. Gandhi himself expressed his belief in varna system and eulogized it on various occasions. Similarly, he was also against the working class and its right to strike. He was an ardent supporter of Zamindars. His insistence on signing the Poona Pact was a consequence of such partisan ideology. Untouchables should remain conscious of such sugar coated manipulative mechanisms.


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