" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Sukti Sangrah

Booklet: Sukti Sangrah
(Quotable quotes -A Compilation)
Author: Lalayee Singh
Publisher: Samaj Sudhar Prakashan, Harraiya, Basti,UP
First Edition: 1999
Price: Rs.6/-
Pages: 24 pages

The booklet is a collection of two hundred and sixty four quotes taken from Buddhism, and the writings of Ambedkar, Chandrika Prasad Jigyasu and R.B.Trisharan. These relate to the importance of liberty, equality and fraternity in the society and, significance of education, and nationalist feelings, gender equality and importance of company of books. Solidarity with the weak, rational thinking and priority of quality of action over birth are other important themes. The booklet also includes those statements of dalits leaders and writers that lay emphasis on exercise of franchise by dalits to strengthen democracy and their political participation.


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