" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Roshani Ke Liya

Booklet: Roshani Ke Liya
(For Light)
Author: Dr.Iqbal-
Publishers: Raghunath Patel
First Edition: Year not mentioned
Price: Rs.5/-
Pages: 33 pages

Written in Bhojpuri language the booklet is a sad commentary on Indian society. Although India became independent before fifty-eight years, common man continues to reel under various excruciation designed by Brahmanism and capitalism. Daughters are being sold in the market and daughter in laws burnt by their husbands. Brahmins in the name of God dupe the populace and invest money in construction of rich temples. Country stands divided on caste and religious basis. Politics has gone in the hands of criminals. Dalit need to forget such morbid thoughts as re-birth and predestination, because it is a weapon in the hands of the Brahmins to exploit the already exploited. Most of the social evils of India will disappear if Ambedkar’s advice of education, organization and struggle is implemented by those who are victims of Brahmanical capitalism.


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