" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."


Writer : Sant Vivekadas Acharya
Publisher :Kabirvani Prakashan Kendra
First Edition : 2004
Pages : 89
Price : Rs. 40

This booklet is collection of lectures by the author, in which, he has made the vitriolic attack on Hindu scriptures and the six systems of Indian philosophy which, in no way leads one to the goal of gnosis. Bhakti movement, of which Kabir was a doyen,was not only a corrective of degraded Hinduism but an emancipatory tool for people coerced into the peripheral realm of society.It acknowledges pain and anguish of common people both materially and culturally and its etiology in various kinds of inequalities by attacking the varna system and its attendant ills. Having transcended passions and desires, the saints injected the revolutionary ideas into the epistemological domain of the deprived. Their message was a tremendous significance in channelising common man’s creativity towards their own welfare and that of their fellow-beings.Sarvodaya, infact can materialize only when it is rooted in the philosophy of the Bhakti movement, and especially Kabir.


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