" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."


Writer : Sant Viveka Das Acharya
Publisher : Kabirvani Prakashan Kendra
First Edition : 2003
Pages : 50
Price : Rs. 35

This booklet analyzes the essential philosophical tenets of Kabir and its perverted form resulting from ritualisation of the philosophy . Infact Kabir’s philosophy is a salubrious combination transcendence, immanence and human action. Life is not divisible into parts to slake the thirst of passions as well as obtaining liberation. Priesthood was never entertained by Kabir. Human askesis has innate power to eliminate various kinds of cupidity related to acquisition of wealth and infatuation for females. Man to Kabir’s world and liberation from it, are neither contrary to each other nor require a mediator in form of priest. Similarly, ritualism is a futile effort. In modern times various kinds of priest craft and rituals have marred the spirit of Kabir’s philosophy. Brahminical modes of worship have crept in and various sects have charlatans who are committed not in spiritual elevation but in financial accumulation prohibiting peasants and other marginalized groups from enlightenment. Kabir ,in fact , was mainly a philosopher of these groups.


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