" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."


Writer : Ramphal Singh ‘ Ram ji Bhai ’
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The booklet undertakes a historical analysis of the factors, responsible for arduous exclusion of converted Hindus by their own community. Although conversion was through coercive acts and these newly converted Muslims find themselves more close to Hindus than their Muslim counterparts. They never accepted Muslim culture and tradition from the core of their heart. But historians distorted facts by not mentioning recon version of converted Muslims. Although, they were hesitant in returning their old-fold due to fear for their life and hatred of Hindus. This conversion was so wide and violent that it demolished the grand citadel of Hindus. Prior to Mughals , other invaders used to go back after plundering the wealth and people had option of reconversion. With the advent of Mughals , scene changed completely. Exhausted people were unable to protest. At this crucial time , the religious and spiritual power captured the scene to invigorate potential of people to protest. Hindus should provide a respectable place , to integrate these people and assimilate them to their culture.


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