" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."


Writer: Colonel Ingarsol
Translator : Bhadant Anand Kouslayan
Publisher : Buddha Bhumi Prakashan
First Edition : 2002
Pages : 180
Price : Rs. 70/-

This booklet depicts as to how people became victims of religious domination in India. In a country where religion occupies a dominant place and sanctimonies are rewarded , people faith in religion is more a pretension and less a commitment. In this civilized world , rigidity and dogmatism is dying. These days people are dismantling metaphysical truths on their rationality . All the false beliefs are shackled in the light of absolute wisdom. Christianity overshadowed humanity and pushed civilization in dark. Bible which claims to be essence of all truth and reality was itself not aware of half world . To establish its domination Bible rejected all intellectual thoughts and rational doctrines like Copernicus theory. But when the illuminating thoughts of Darwin and others came into existence, it put Christianity into debris. Only rational faith is helpful to salvation. Later revolutionist like Voltaire captured the scene and took the lamp of knowledge and reason to show the path of liberation from dark age.


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