" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Guru Ghasidas

Booklet: Guru Ghasidas
Author: Dr. Shyam Sunder Tripathi
Publication: Archana Prakashan, Bhopal
Edition: 1st – 1997
Pages: 64
Price: 10.00

Giraud Puri, a village in Chattisgarh, witnessed the birth of an extraordinary child named Ghasidas on 18-12-1756. His pauperized family could not afford to educate him. But his miraculous power, present in him since childhood, surprised everyone and made them his followers. He wished to see the Satnam Dharm reach the sky and equated Satnam to God. For its propagation and service to the humanity he renounced the world to become an ascetic. Troubled by his rising popularity, many, including the king of Giraud Puri, tried to stop him but his mystical powers saved him. He preached the message of equality, non-violence, truthfulness, modesty and viewed cleanliness as the first step to godliness. He even popularized the ideals of Krishna and asked people to show respect to the cows. He also worked for the emancipation of women. He set up a Satnami Sampradai to bring lakhs of depressed Dalit communities together on the path of Sat Dharma. The death of his daughter further deepened within him the spirit of renunciation. It is said that he died of his own choice on 20th February 1850, like Gautam Buddha.


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