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Dard Shoshit Samaj Ka (Pain of the Depressed Community)

Booklet: Dard Shoshit Samaj Ka (Pain of the Depressed Community)
Author: Sunil Ambedkar
Publication: Ambedkar Press Club Evam prakashan, Etawa
Edition: Fifth- 2002
Price: Rs. 60/-
Pages: 119

The failure of the Republican Party of India posed a historical need for a person to accomplish the unfinished task of liberating Dalits from the clutches of Brahmanism. It was Kanshi Ram who showed the political path. He had Mayawati, an iron lady, to help him in his onerous task of dismantling Manuvaad. But unfortunately people belonging to the Dalit communities, in order to gain power, have betrayed the cause. Politicians and bureaucrats, with their origin among Dalits, look down upon the members of their communities, oblivious of the fact that their success is a product of Ambedkar’s efforts. Hinduism stands isolated today due to its Brahmanism. Infact, they were barbarians who invaded India and enslaved the majority to serve the minority. The prevailing luxury among the Buddhists is also a matter of concern, and so is the case with the judiciary. Time has come to resurrect a new protracted struggle for establishing a society envisioned by Ambedkar.


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