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Dalit Chintan Mein Islam (Islam in Dalit Philosophy)

Booklet: Dalit Chintan Mein Islam (Islam in Dalit Philosophy)
Author: Kanwal Bharti
Publication: Itihasbodh Prakashan, Allahaabad
Edition: 1st 2001
Price: Rs. 45/-
Pages: 126

The book, polemical in character, rubbishesthe claim of Islam to be a religion based on equality, and hence, conducive for the uplift of Dalits. Infact, religious conversions in both Islam and Christianity were meant to increase their strength, not to offer them socio-cultural space. A study of their Holy Scriptures and traditions shows legitimacy of owning slaves and keeping females subjugated. Islam further states belief in the existence of God, who is beyond human reason, and punishes those who enquire about the existence of God. History reveals that Buddhism was accepted as a major challenge to the expansion of Islam. Consequently, the Buddhists were either were either exterminated or forcefully pulled into its fold. That Islamic prayers are empty rituals has been thoroughly exposed by Kabir who launched a vehement attack on idolatrous tendencies in Islam – a religion that demolishes idols has Kaba with the largest idol. Both Buddha and Kabir affirm the potentiality of human beings to see the truth within, whereas Islam talks of truth beyond this world. Hence, its superiority and egalitarianism has unsubstantiated basis. It is not a religion for Dalits.


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