" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Dr. Ambedker aur Dalit Chetna

Booklet : Dr. Ambedker aur Dalit Chetna
(Dr. Ambedker and Dalit Consciousness)
Author : Raghuveer Singh
Publisher : Kamna Prakashan, New Delhi
First Edition : Not mentioned
Price : Rs. 100/- only
Pages : 152

All those who are ignorant are dalits, females, confined to their houses are also dalits. The origin of dalits is, as old as, the Mauryan empire but it was after Pushyamitra Sung’s rule that all Buddhists were declared either untouchables or pushed to a social margin where they had no social voice or participation, thus, devoid of any identity. Dalits, in order to escape humiliation at the hands of upper caste, migrated to urban areas but there, too, their status remains the same. Hence, they should return to their native homes and, unite and awaken those living there. Urban areas have equally retained caste based occupations life savoring, flushing of toilets, etc. Budhha, Kabir, Ambedkar and others made Promethean efforts to promote social equality and equally significant was the contribution of Ravidas and other saints of West India especially Chokhamal. In modern times both Naryan Guru and Gandhi also made effective efforts. Ambedker’s embracing of Buddhism had also a symbolic significance. He claimed that all untouchables were originally Buddhism and so they should return to their original fold. Every thing is changing. Dalit cannot change unless they are continuously aware of the philosophy of change. They should upsurge in an organized manner to uplift themselves to return to their last glory.


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