" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Ambedkarvad ki Rooprekha

Booklet: Ambedkarvaad Kee Rooprekha
(Outlines of Ambedkarism)
Author: Rahul Katyayan
Publisher: Samaj Sudhar Prakashan, Harraiya, Basti (U.P.)
Price: Rs. 20/-
First Edition: 2003
Pages: 36

What is held by Brahmanism as period of revelations and religion virtuousness is in fact the period marked by darkness. It came to an end with the coming of Buddhism but was forcefully pushed into the backyards of history. Ambedkar’s major role was to give a new life to Buddhism. In fact, with all efforts of saints, Brahmanism refused to lie dormant and, consequently, Tulsidas and not Kabir is being worshipped. Similarly, it is not Ravidas who has occupied the centre of socio-spiritual movement in India but Ram Krishna Paramhansa and Dayanand Saraswati. Being aware of these, Ambdekar described Hindu civilization as satanic civilization and popularized Buddhism for the welfare of the majority in India. Scheduled Castes and OBCs should adopt the path of Buddha as advised by Ambedkar. As regards Marxism, its followers don’t understand Indian social reality. Moreover, it generates absolutist government. Ambedkar gave India a modern constitution. This can be amended but not Dhammapada of Buddhism. Majority consisting of the depressed should follow it as did Ambedkar and his followers.


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