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Hindu Code Bill aur Dr. Abmedkar

Booklet : Hindu Code Bill aur Dr. Abmedkar
(Hindu Code Bill and Dr. Ambedker)
Author : Sohanlal Shastri Vachaspati
Publisher : Samyak Prakashan, Delhi
Fourth Edition: 2003
Price : Rs. 70/-
Pages : 141

Hindu Code Bill which was basically drafted by Ambedker in constitution with sanest of Indian tradition and culture and had modulated it meticulously in the light of ongoing old practices. It was not only a true negation of Manusmriti but a preamble of Indian’s onwards march to modernity. It aimed to bring major changes in Hindu Marriage Act, adoption of children, inheritance of property by females, rule of succession and widow remarriages. Rajendra Prasad and with him considerable size of Brahmanical leadership was against the passage of such a bill, notable among them was Sardar Patel. But Nehru, in order to avoid any catastrophe in the party, played dubious role which Ambedkar sensed and consequently, resigned. Nehru accepted his resignation and was not even given a chance to reconsider his resignation. Even those victims of the bill which were passed by the Lok Sabha were left to not. Thus, what could be the most progressive constituent of Indian democracy was never adopted under the influence of Brahmanical force what were dominating the congress. Nehru’s ambivalence on this issue irked Ambedkar.


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