" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Dr. Ambedkar and Geeta

Booklet: Dr. Ambedkar and Geeta
Author: Dr. Surendra Ajnat
Publisher: Bheem Patrika Publications, Jalandhar
Edition: Nov. 1992
Price: Rs.3.00
Pages: 24

The booklet contains Ambedkar’s critique of Hinduism, a religion that denies social justice to majority of its population. Gita, an authoritative book of Hinduism is in fact a post-Buddhist invention. It does not have its source in Krishna but in some Charlton who developed top counter and eliminate Buddhism from its native place. The night paths that Buddhism had developed for individual progress and social harmony were destroyed due to spurious doctrines contained in the Gita. The book propounded a theory not of division of labour but division of labourers leading to catse based division of society. This was the social order preceding Buddha. Thus Gita is retrogressive text and if its message continues to flourish, society will decay.


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