" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Dr. Ambedkar Kee Kavitayen

Booklet: Dr. Ambedkar Kee Kavitayen (Poems of Dr. Ambedkar)
Author: Kanwal Bharati
Publisher: Bodhisattva Prakashan, Rampur, UP
First Edition: 1996
Page: 40
Price: Rs. 10

Contained in the booklet are the ideas of Ambedkar on such issues as ostracized position of dalits in Hindu society, the path to their liberation and significance of political power in their uplift . Any poor have the right to self-pride but not a Dalit. Perpetually caught up in the whirlpool of subordination and servitude, he does not has even right to bear a Brahminical name nor is he supposed to put on expensive and attractive clothes. Deprived, as he is of even clean water, he is a slave under a supra-constitutional Brahminical law. All these he suffers because he is unaware and ignorant. Religion alone provides true equality through creating social and cultural space of communities and for dignified identity. Political power is the entry point and also the weapon. As Hinduism claims caste-system to be divinely ordained, it naturally pushes towards embracement of an alternative religion. For emancipation, Dalit should move towards it, i.e. join the fold of Buddhism.


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