" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Rastrapita Gandhi Ya Ambedkar

Booklet: Rastrapita Gandhi Ya Ambedkar
Author: Dr. Ambedkar
Publication: Akshay Prakashan, Kanpur
Edition: 1st- 2004
Price: Rs.45.00
Pages: 148

The booklet questions the integrity of Gandhi as the father of nation. The author draws a comparative study of Gandhi and Ambedkar and tries to seek answer to the question, who is the father of nation, Gandhi or Ambedkar. While comparing their characters, author argues that Gandhi had a very low and highly polluted moral character. He vehemently supported apartheid and varna system. He lacked educational intellectual standards unlike Ambedkar. His role in the freedom struggle of India was not too great and even led the country towards partition. His programme about upliftment of depressed classes was nothing but a farce. He had good relations with big zamindars and failed to establish similar rapport with small farmers. On the contrary Ambedkar followed a very simple lifestyle and had good moral character. He undertook numerous movements for the emancipation of Dalits and was a real freedom fighter.


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