" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Yug Purush Dr. Ambedkar Ka Aandolan Dalit Aandolan Nahi

BOOKLET : Yug Purush Dr. Ambedkar Ka Aandolan Dalit Aandolan Nahi
Writer: Ramsamujh
Publisher : Dr. Ambedkar Rajnaitik Prakashan Sansthan
First Edition : 2004
Pages : 90
Price : Rs. 50

Demolishing all kind of cultural edifices which excluded dalits from all creativity, he wanted them to be significant participants in re-making of modern India. This has been forgotten by many present day dalit leaders on account of their lack of socio-political consciousness. Whereas Ambedkar wished to pressurize the Britishers to play a constructive role in elevating the positions of dalits . The Manuvadis made all attempts to defeat his purpose. Ambedkar’s great mission, to rescue Indians from age-old slavery was delineated by Brahmanical forces as Dalit movement only. But this did not defer Ambedkar’s wisdom and zeal, he snatched maximum possible benefits for Dalits. He crusaded against both the Britishers and Brahminical forces. . Ambedkar was the person, who compelled Britishers to realize the social constraints disfavoring the development of Dalits . Ironically, he has been denied proper space in history but a re-interpretation of his philosophy followed by its implementation will force dalits in the mainstream of society.


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