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Thoughts on Linguistic States

Booklet: Thoughts on Linguistic States
Author: Baba Saheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
Publication: Anand Sahitya Sadan, Aligarh
Edition: 1st 1989
Price: Rs. 30/-
Pages: 88

This booklet presents Ambedkar’s views on linguistic States. One language can unite people. Two languages are sure to divide people. Those who advocate linguistic States have the ideal of making regional language their official language. This will be a death knell of the idea of a making India one united country. The idea of having a mixed State must be completely abandoned. Every State must be a unilingual State. One state, one language.A group of people speaking one language may be cut into many States depending on (1) requirements of efficient administration, (2) needs of different areas, (3) sentiments of different areas, and (4) proportion between majority and minority. As a minority decreases, its position becomes precarious and opportunity for the majority to practice tyranny over minority becomes greater. Minorities must be given protection to prevent the tyranny of the majority. For this, the Constitution must be amended and provision of plural member constituencies must be made along with cumulative voting.


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