" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."


Booklet: Margdaata
Author: Nand Kishore Siddharth
Publication: Bodh Upasak Sangh, Lucknow.
Edition: Not Mentioned
Price: Rs.10.00
Pages: 29

This booklet is a collection of poems that projects Buddha as the mentor of the marginalized communities. The poet sings in praise of Buddha who has inspired the mankind with his knowledge and showed the right path to even Aamrapali, Krishna and Upali. The poet offers gratitude to Buddha for blessing the world with his presence. He also sings the greatness of Ambedkar and acknowledges his efforts not just as the emancipator of the marginalized communities but also as one who guides everyone’s path. He asks the upper caste people to acknowledge the existence of the downtrodden and to put an end to social and religious myths, which are the root cause of social fragmentation. He inspires the citizens of India to develop faith in their nation and to work towards its goodwill. The poet envisions a society based not on the evils of hatred, caste or class distinctions, but on the spirit of universal love and brotherhood.


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