" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Dr. Ambedkar Natak

Booklet: Dr. Ambedkar Natak
Author: Ratnakar Bandhu Trisharan
Publication: Samaj Sudhar Samiti, U.P, 2002
Edition: 1st – 1979 & 6th – 2002
Price: Rs.10.00
Pages: 48

Ambedkar, being born in a low caste Mahar community, encountered numerous obstacles. He got admitted to a primary school with much difficulty. Nevertheless, scholarship from the Maharaja of Baroda, Sayajee Rao Gaekwad helped in completing his Ph.D in 1917, D.Sc in Political Science and Law in 1921 from London. He was appointed Army Secretary, under the agreement with Maharaja, to work for him for 10 years. The upper caste soldiers strongly resented appointment of a lower caste person to such a high post. He was forced him to resign. He joined Lord Sydenham College as Professor of Political Science. His Savarana colleagues attitude, forced him to leave even this job in distress. Working independently, he thought, would give him freedom from humiliation. He started practicing in the Bombay High Court and fought for the rights of the marginalized communities. His historical Round Table Conference speeches were widely acknowledged. Gandhi’s fast-unto-death made him give up his demand for separate electorate. His inspirational journey of life sadly came to a halt on 6th December 1956.


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