" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Bheem Charit Manas (Relection on the Life of Bheem)

Booklet: Bheem Charit Manas (Relection on the Life of Bheem)
Author: Rajvaidya Mata Prasad ‘Sagar’ Gokuran La ‘Karunakar’
Publication: Cultural Publishers, Lucknow
Edition: 1st 1996
Price: Rs. 25/-
Pages: 93

The booklet is a narration of the life of Ambedkar in a popular mode of vernacular poetry ‘Aalha’, a mode deployed to bring out the chivalrous contents in the hero’s personality and the personality of those in line with his thoughts and actions. There is a single religion of mankind known as ‘humanism’, which pleads compassion and suffering for others. Shumbook, Supa, Buddha, Kabir, Dadu, Achhutanand, Periyar, Rahul were some of its earlier founders. Ambedkar awakened this tradition among those who were dubbed ‘untouchables’ in Brahmanism. He studied and struggled at various stages in his political life and finally succeeded in reviving Buddhism and uniting Dalits under its banner. He opened institutions of learning for Dalits and women. His role in drafting the Indian Constitution provided the legal means for elevation of the depressed groups. His was a frontal attack on Manu’s laws responsible for the bondage of the majority in India.


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