" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Baba Saheb Ki Bhavishyavanee (Predictions of Baba Saheb)

Booklet: Baba Saheb Ki Bhavishyavanee (Predictions of Baba Saheb)
Complied by: Chandrika Prasad Jigyasu
Publication: Bahujan Kalyan Prakashan, Lucknow
Edition: 8th , 2002; 1st-1956
Price: Rs. 10/-
Pages: 44

Ambedkar was a Statesman who foresaw major problems confronted by Indians from time to time, during and after his life. This is revealed in his five speeches from 1946-1954. Creation of Pakistan to him was inevitable as religion had always a decisive role in Asia. This happened. He favoured inclusion of Muslim-populated Kashmir in Pakisthan but it did not materialize, causing many confrontations, skirmishes and increase in defense outlay undesired for a poor country. The two revealed the weakness of Indian foreign policy as communism had an inbuilt tendency for expansionism. Attack by China again revealed a weak foreign policy. He opposed the role of money in democracy, which unfortunately has come to foster Indians democracy today. Thus, creation of Pakistan, Kashmir problem, weakness in Indian foreign policy, Chinese aggression, corruption in democracy, was all anticipated by him.


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