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Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jati-Bhed Ka Uchhed (Translation of Annihilation of Caste)

Booklet: Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jati-Bhed Ka Uchhed (Translation of Annihilation of Caste)
Author: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar (Translator: S. Murti)
Publication: Cultural Publishers, Lucknow
Edition: 5th 1994
Price: Rs. 20/-
Pages: 88

The booklet is a Hindi translation of excerpts from Annihilation of Castes. For politicization of any caste, transformation of mindset, following social and religious revolution, is essential. For political and economic reforms, Indian psyche needs to be purged of casteism. Occupations should be according to one’s potential and interest rather caste-based. Hinduism is a failure as it fails to empathize with other castes, is unorganized, lacks missionary zeal, has inconsistent pattern of beliefs and values, hence it is weak in comparison to other religions. Civic sense, democracy, responsibility, and humility have been killed in Hindus. Alleviation of caste differences is treated as a crime. It is not possible to categorize 4000 castes according to the Varnas. Ambedkar envisions an ideal society, encompassing equal opportunities, livelihood, education, mobility, right to property, social security, etc. Inter-caste marriages, dilution of faith in scriptures, an outlook based on logic and reasoning can break caste boundaries. There is need to reform Hinduism in the direction of a progressive welfare state based on equality and brotherhood.


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