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Dalit Muslim Pichade Aakhir Kyon Bigde

Booklet : Dalit Muslim- Pichade, Aakhir Kyon Bigde
(How Dalits, Muslims and Backwards become corrupt)
Author : Udai Narayan
Publisher : Not Mentioned
Price : Rs. 80/-
Pages : 77

The population of dalits increased on account of marriages of females to people of higher castes. Although Hindus, they were secluded by them. When Mughals came to India, they could not alter basic Hindu social structure. It was Britishers, who for the first time touched the untouchables by recruiting them in the army and opening hospitals and schools for them. India was partitioned because rich Muslims wanted to retain their landholdings, and Hindus wanted a country exclusively for themselves. As regards OBCs, they are tools of Brahmanism. Consequently, votes of dalits, Muslims and OBCs are divided. Ambedkar burnt copies of Manusmriti, wrote extensively for the welfare of dalits, OBCs, and embraced Buddhism, due to unjust Brahminism. Unfortunately, some dalit leaders, misinterpreting him for power and money have become agents of dalit votes. It is ludicrous that laws made for protection of dalits from atrocities were diluted by a dalit chief-minister in Uttar Pradesh. Reservation policies are still incomplete, as these are not proportional to the existing population. Dalits should endeavour for effective implementation of laws favourable to them; only then social justice will dawn.


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