" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Dalit Damit

Booklet: Dalit Damit
Author: Ram Bahadur
Publication: Nav Sahitya Academy, New Delhi
First Edition: 2002
Price: Rs. 100/-
Pages: 88

The booklet is divided in three parts- first two parts contain poems and the third part essays. Hunger to the author is of many kinds like hunger for power, wealth, and status but the hunger of a Dalit is for food and knowledge. Therefore, all should come under a single umbrella in order to fight against exploitation. Caste has captured all institutions including judiciary but few are aware of Dalits fighting helplessly against oddities of weather under the sky. Poets, instead of focusing on nature and such aesthetic topics as beauty and beautiful should concentrate on weal and woes of dalits or deprived as Buddha did. Buddhism is the only religion which although resembling Marxism in its sociological contours goes beyond it for emphasizing human liberation from all kinds of bondage including the bondage within the individual. Undoubtedly Gandhi was equally concerned with this; hence Gandhi and Ambedkar are not opposed to each other. Rather they differ in methods only. Both desired to purify Hinduism of certain social evils, ruinous to its fundamental spirit.


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