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Dalit Banam Hindutva

Booklet: Dalit Banam Hindutva (Dalit Versus Hinduism)
Author: Hausala Prasad Bauddha
Publisher: Samaj Sudhar Prakashan, Haraiya,Basti.
First Edition: 2006
Price: Rs.100/-
Pages: 169

Vedic religion or Hinduism overflows with riddles and is wrapped in a sociological thought which is contrary to basic constituents of all other religions in the world. Untouchability, caste discrimination and various types of violence have emerged from it. Christianity is marked by freedom to individuals and Islam has brotherhood at its core. Humanism is the quintessence of Sikhism and non-violence that of Jainism. Buddhism keeps individual at its centre, and ascribes him dignity and identity. But Hinduism, contrary to al these religions, encapsulates individual in pre-destination and caste based hierarchy. Various Saints attacked it but it refused to modify itself. Gandhi, against Ambedkar’s wishes, again strengthened Hinduism. In such circumstances, there is no reason for dalits to continue as Hindus in Indian social system.


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