" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Dalit Antardvand

Booklet : Dalit Antardvand (Dalit Dilemma)
Author : Swaroop Chandra Bauddha
Publisher : Samyak Prakashan, New Delhi
First Edition : 2002
Price : Rs. 75/-
Pages : 112

Deprivation of dalits from a dignified social space is the theme of the booklet. These have been substantiated through narration of actual incidents. In 1857, Moti a scheduled caste protected his officer from a violent tribe. On coming to know that he will be rewarded for this, an upper caste solder killed him. Similarly, Jhumru, a sweeper faced death for his attachment with a Muslim. He wished to leave India and settle in Pakistan, but an Imam wishing to remain in India and have his services, got him killed. Raselee, beautiful daughter of a dalit was killed because she had vowed to avenge her sisters abduction by upper caste Thakurs. Prashant was forced to die because he wished to launch a movement against the feudal priest of Bodhgaya. Maadhey’s family was ruined as he wanted to leave the job of sweeper. One dalit was killed by a priest of a temple, when some dalits wanted to discourse on Brahminism. Those who confront bureaucracy are imprisoned on fake changes. Thus, dalits in India are caught in multiple dilemmas, social, cultural, economic and legal etc. Globalization has added to the existing ones.


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