" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Manavvadee Geetavalee

Booklet: Manavvadee Geetavalee
(Songs of Humanism)
Author: Jaishree Lal
Publisher: Not Mentioned
Price: Rs. 3/-
First Edition: 1993
Pages: 16

Technically, India is independent but substantially her society continues to be rooted in Manu’s Brahmanism, accepted superior to the Constitution of India. Females continue to remain confined to their homes, and freedom of dalits remains stifled as they still groan under pressure of poverty and live shoveled into the socio-cultural margin. Democratic elections are farce as these are marked by caste-based factionalism and booth capturing. At such moment, only the thoughts of Ambedkar and Buddhism can rescue as the former is the source of social equality and the latter fountain of resipience.


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