" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Niyati Naheen Yeh Meri

Booklet : Niyati Naheen Yeh Meri
(This is not my Destiny)
Author : Sudesh Tanwar
Publisher : Sabaswa Foundation, New Delhi
First Edition : 1999
Price : Rs. 20/-
Pages : 64

Caste discrimination consequent to marginalization of multiple communities was rooted with philosophy of divide and rule. To retain this, new words with changing times were popularized; sometimes sudra, ati-sudra, sometimes antyaja, now harijan. The last is the most serious term. If dalits are sons of God, then who are the upper caste people? For sons of God, no access to drinking water, respectable social space or religion-cultural location is available. Parliamentary institutions, democracy are fake institutions to legalize oppression of dalits. Welfare schemes are introduced to siphon of the money for police and upper caste bureaucrats. Moss rapists are protected by the law made by the welfarist government. Voices of protests are stifled. Planning has become a magical device for enriching localities. Parliament is meant for questions and answers. But then what does it mean? How doesn’t prevent atrocities on marginalized? Dalit need to know that this is not their destiny. Their destiny lies in peaceful revolution a path shown by Ambedkar. The sun that set today rises tomorrow.


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