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Kya Hai Pichhara Varga (OBC)

BOOKLET: Kya Hai Pichhara Varga (OBC) Kshtriya? Vaishya? Ya Phir Shudra? Aathat “Pichhare Varg Ko Apne Shudra Hone Ka Ahsas Nahi Hai, Yahi Pichhare Varg Ki Mool Samasya Hai”
Writer: Advocate J. N. Verma
Publisher: Triveni Prakashan, New Delhi
First Edition: 2001
Pages: 72
Price: Rs. 30/-

This booklet criticizes the tendency of Dalits to identify their origin as decedents of Kshatriya clan. In this process they were humiliated by Kshtriyas, who were described as cruel and barbarian. Who were Kshatriyas and when Kshatriyas were destroyed by Parashuram 21 times, how they are still on earth? Priests who made this discriminatory caste-system presented each class of society inferior to Brahmins. To fulfill their personal interests, they declared shudras as untouchables. If SC and ST were outside of this caste-structure, then who are shudras? Proving this does not mean to insult OBC but it is an attempt to glorify the position of original inhabitants of India, by analyzing the facts. This is possible only when they will come out of this web of caste-system. For this they have to identify themselves as shudras. They have to come out of mirage of false identity. The only solution of coming out of claws of this horrible varna-vyavastha is to discard it for establishing an egalitarian society.


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