" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Anya Pichra Varg Banam Brahmananvaad

Booklet: Anya Pichra Varg Banam Brahmananvaad
(Other Backward Castes varsus Brahminism)
Author: Ranjeet Yadav
Publisher: D.K. Kharpade Memorial Trust, Mumbai
First Edition: 2003
Price: Rs.10/-
Pages: 38

Original inhabitants of India forming 60 % of the population have remained a victim of Brahminism, which in itself is a hideous philosophy, aimed to extort wealth and labour of human beings in the interest of few. 12 % of upper castes are capturing 84 % of government jobs, 90 % business and 93% land. Other Backward Castes consisting of six thousand social categories are dispossessed of material gains. Brahmins have been enemies of Backward Castes since ancient times. They destroyed the dynasty of Nanda and Buddhists, and created literature of scriptural nature in justification of deprivation of majority. Brahmins deceived Shivaji, Arjundev, and Ambedkar. Their history is a history of treachery and deceit. They duped Sardar Patel of Prime Ministerial seat. Brahmanism can be dismantled only through constructive intellectual efforts.


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