" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Aajadi Ke Deewane Paasee

BOOKLET: Aajadi Ke Deewane Paasee
Writer: Ram Prakash Saroj
Publisher: Smt. Susheela Saroj
First Edition: 2001
Price: Rs. 40
Pages: 129

The role of Pasee community has been discussed in this booklet. Their active participation in 1857 revolt and freedom struggle had been intentionally ignored by historians. Invaders, before Britishers either went back after plundering wealth or settled here, after a fierce struggle for power and adopted its culture. But contrary to this, Britishers strengthened their military power in the name of country’s security and started capturing small and unorganized states. Pasee community was perceived as a threat to British empire as it had dominated central UP from medieval age although its chivalrous character was recognized only, during Muslim period. During British rule, some Pasee leaders organized the peasants while others opposed exploitative policies of Britishers. They also, fought against social evils, permeating in society as orthodoxy. It is unfortunate that we have forgotten the indefatigable spirit of Pasee martyrs who lost their life for betterment of nation. Now, it is our moral responsibility to pay gratitude to those who sacrificed their life for the freedom of our country.


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