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Varna Vyavastha aur Kureel Vansh

Booklet: Varna Vyavastha aur Kureel Vansh
Author: Harmohan Dayal, Lucknow
Publisher: Rajmohan, Lucknow
Edition: First, 1997
Price: Rs. 25/-
Pgs.: 92

A distant history of Kureels in the past is not available but they belonged to a social category, known as Dalits. Their genealogy reveals that they were original inhabitants of Ghatampur, a place in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh. Kureels are the product of horizontal divisions in Dalit society, a phenomenon visible in all Varnas including Brahmans. Followers, of Kabir, they have fought against social discrimination and other atrocities institutions and practices. A forward looking community, its members have attained heights in all fields in India like bureaucracy, politics, defense, academics, law and medicine. It has also produced various saints, prominent among them being, Ram Charan Kureel, Laxman Das, and Gurudeen Das. They followed the path of Kabir in their travel to spirituality and social reform. For a deeper history of their sub-castes, further historical research is required as it would help in identifying factors that led to creation of sub-castes within castes.


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