" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Moolnivasi Bahujanwaad

Booklet: Moolnivasi Bahujanwaad
Author: Not Mentioned
Publisher: D.K. Khaparde Memorial Trust
Edition: 1st – 2003 & 2nd – 2004
Price: Rs.05.00
Pages: 20

It’s a common belief that thoughts and opinions do not develop in isolation. But this is created in a constructive society, where it’s not crushed. If not allowed to develop, they die their natural death. Author points out that today’s ideology are based on Brahmanwaad which is not the ideology of majority. The birth of BAMCEF in 1973 gave the ideology of majority which constitutes 85% of population against the minority 15%. They started propagating this concept. Threatened by social polarization, which resulted in unity amongst the depressed classes; the Brahmins too started work in the direction of religious polarization. RSS was developed to propagate this ideology to thwart the growing unity. Baba Saheb blamed Hinduism for social stratification to establish Brahaminical supremacy. Quoting references from books like Jawahar Lal Nehru’s Discovery of India and Gail Omvedt’s Cultural Revolution In Colonial India, the author has tried explaining the Aryan Race Theory and about their psychology. He asks the Bahujan’s to unite and counter the Brahminical hegemony.


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