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Dhobi Samaj Aur Sant Gadge

Booklet: Dhobi Samaj Aur Sant Gadge (Washerman Community and Sant Gadge)
Author: Rameshwar Pawan
Publisher:Lakshya Sandhan, Jail Road, Bahraich
Edition: 1st: April1999
Price: Rs.10.00
Pages: 28

The author gives a deep insight into the history of Dhobi community of India. The community was assigned the job of washing clothes by the Aryan invaders who never allowed them to get out of this menial job. This resulted in their further deterioration allowing no change on either social, economic, political or cultural fronts. Sant Gadge Maharaj from Maharashtra also belonging to the Dhobi community shouldered the responsibility to reform his community. Sad at the sorry state of affairs of his community, he renounced his family and devoted to uplifting the Dhobi community. He denounced idol worship, and instead preached people to turn to education, the only way to get rid of all evils. He set up various educational institutions, rest houses for the poor and home for physically handicapped, etc. Though, an illiterate, he placed education on highest pedestal for socio-economic transformation of marginalized communities like washermen..


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