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Maila Uthane Wala Asprishya Samaj

Booklet: Maila Uthane Wala: Asprishya Samaj (The Untouchable Community: Sweepers)
Author: S.L. Sagar
Publisher: Sagar Prakashan, Mainpuri
Edition: 1996
Price: 8.00
Pages: 24

There are many communities and sub-communities among Dalits but no group is leading such humiliating life as Bhangis (Sweepers). Many are the proper nouns meant to address them e.g. Hela, Dumaar, Chandaal, Mehtar and many etc. This is due to the Aryan conspiracy that destroyed the thriving civilization of the original inhabitants and lorded over them such social tasks which pandered to their needs. But the Bhangi community was lowest amongst all. The post-independence era in India has highly witnessed improvement in them as the state has remained a mute spectator. But this community is to be equally blamed for its inertia. They don’t even entertain the idea of any kind of self-respect. However, now they must stop such tasks as lifting of the night soil and flushing toilets of others.


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