" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."


Writer: Roop Narayan Sonkar
Publisher: Dalit Sahitya evam Sanskritik Academy
First Edition: 2003
Pages: 38
Price: Rs. 30

This play tries to expose the ridiculous fact that how religious leaders are exploiting the religious sentiments of innocent people. On the one hand , Manuvadins are exploiting dalits on the name of Hinduism and on the other hand, Maulavis are provoking communalism among their community. But, humanity deeply rooted in the hearts of commoners, is still prevailing. People of one community play on their life to save life of other community people, in contingencies. Under these circumstances leaders and administrators could not restrain themselves from the realm of community, which results deviation from their duties . The strategy for Dalit leadership should be to empower their community by awakening people and arousing the feeling of fellow-being among them. People should get rid of their communal identity. Lastly , call of the nation is that all religious leaders , politicians, scientists, literary personalities and artists should come forward to relieve nation from communal stress and move towards progress.


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