" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."


Booklet: Tiraskar
Author: K. Nath
Publisher: Rani Devi Nath
Edition: Not Mentioned
Pages: 112
Price: Rs.30.00

This booklet is in the form of an autobiography. The author begins with describing his journey of life from his village to the city of Kanpur. He cites numerous instances of pain, anguish, rejection, insult experienced by him all through his life on account of being a Dalit. All this invoked within him a feeling of hatred and vengeance. Above all the pain of his mother left him sleepless due to his father’s irresponsible behaviour. The abusive names attributed to the Dalits such as Gubbar, Ghassu, Musau etc were reflective of the inferiority complex with which the Brahmins were plagued. Dalits lacked the consciousness to question the Brahminical tyranny. Other Backward Castes communities too behaved with the Dalits in the same way as the Brahmins. The author gives a detailed account of his professional, social, economic and political life. He calls for the rejection of Hinduism and acceptance of Buddhism as the only medium to get rid of this unjust social system.


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