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Vedadi Dharmagranthon me Molniwasiyon ka Itihas

Booklet : Vedadi Dharmagranthon me Molniwasiyon ka Itihas
Writer :Bhagirath
Publisher : Siddharth
First Edition : 2005
Pages : 61
Price : Rs. 20

The booklet outlines the decline of Indian civilization on account of Aryans invasion and their subsequent attempt to establish their hegemony over the large section of non-Aryans through Vedic scriptures and Manusmriti (laws of Manu) which subjected to social damnation. When the people of Egypt and Mesopotamia were living in small huts ,we had civilized and well-planned city in Harappa and Mohanjodaro. The Aryans by manufacturing new ideas and inventing false history, excluded majority from the mainstream of society and became sovereigns of culture. This was the beginning of ‘divide and rule’. Thus, not the Britishers, but Manu was the forerunner of philosophy of ‘divide and rule’ policy. As regards other socio-cultural malignities in Indian society , they owe their origins to the scriptures of Aryans.The author recriminates Vedas and epics as only, an ethical and religious approval of Aryan’s exploitary system, that resulted in maldevelopment of the country


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