" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."


Writer: Jai Prakash Balmiki
Publisher: Anil Prakashan
First Edition: 1997
Pages: 40
Price: Rs. 20

This booklet is trying to delineate the subjugation of women and dalit by Hinduism .Kalu dom who made king Harishchandra slave and compelled his wife to pay taxes before cremating his son’s dead-body was scornfully described in the scriptures. But no person blames the situations , the occupation , which he had to adopt for his survival. But , to glorify honesty and deliberations of king Harishchandra , Shastras denigrated Kalu’s character. In spite of incredible capacities, persons like Eklavya and Karna faced humiliation, neglect ion and objurgation at each and every step of life. Shambuk, a dalit , who was trying for salvation, was killed by Lord Rama to protect varna-system. Shakuntala, Ahilya, Tulsi , all women of great and adorable characters were deceived, and lived a scornful life as a consequence of evil deeds committed on the name of scriptural rules and regulations. Considering its harmful impact on nation and people, Hinduism as such to be renounced to create an enlighten India.


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