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MOOLNIWASI BAHUJAN – Sankalpana , Siddhanta, Svaroop Evam Vyavahar

BOOKLET : MOOLNIWASI BAHUJAN -Sankalpana , Siddhanta, Svaroop Evam Vyavahar
Editor: Bamsef Kendriya Karyakarini
Publisher : D. K. Kharpade Memorial Trust
First Edition : 2003
Pages : 47
Price : Rs. 15

As evident from history, invader Aryans came to India , defeated its original inhabitants and made them slave. Later , they legitimized their action by establishing varna-system and declared them Shudra. This fact was acknowledged by Nehru, Tilak, Gandhi, Ambedkar and other intellectuals. Casteism is creation of Brahmins to oppress humanity. Need is to integrate these splited and stagnant castes and sub castes. Due to their large number, Aryans divides them in 6000 castes. Main contention of BAMSEF is that Shudas, atishudras and vanvassi are original inhabitant of India. Brahmins organized them on the name of Hindus . In communal riots , they project SC, ST and backwards on the name of Hinduism against Muslims. To come out of trap of Brahmanism, concept of moolniwasi should be disseminated to everyone. On the name of Hinduism, Brahmins succeeded in making dalits, victims of social polarization. Recognition of SC, ST and OBC by Indian constitution is not end but means to overthrow the exploitary system.


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