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also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

KURMI SAMAJ (Atit se Vartman tak )

BOOKLET : KURMI SAMAJ (Atit se Vartman tak )
Writer : Rameshwar Pawan
Publisher : Lakshya Sandhan , Baharaich
First Edition : 1994
Pages : 68
Price : Rs. 30

This booklet tries to instill self-respect in Kurmi community, by exploration of their glorious and prideful history .These are hard-working agricultural people.With the help of so-called Varna-system , Aryans declared these moolniwasis anaryan and established supremacy over them.Again, in order to make their position strong beginning to make their position strong, Aryans accepted one group of powerful anaryans, as Kshtriyas . But the fact was that Kshatriya clan is mixture of Hun, Saka, Anarya and Arya . In these circumstances , to get rid of inferiority Anaryans did whatever possible and tried to connect them with three higher varnas , with the help of narratives with fictitious addition. Instead of relating them to Brahmin and Kshatriya they should feel pride in calling themselves Kurmi . A number of freedom fighters, political leaders and social reformers are there to enrich their history. In U P , Bihar Kurmis are well-settled and dominant in politics, while in all other states they are well-earned but not in powerful positions. By sorting out problems of illiteracy , ignorance and social discrimination they are struggling to come out of eclipse of imposed identity.


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